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What is a bad credit loan?

When someone who has bad credit needs money quickly to cover any sort of emergency expense, they can send a request for a bad credit loan. The lenders we work with at Silver Loans know how to process loans for people with many credit types. You can apply for loans at any time, because they are processed online. When a lender accepts your request, you can get a fast offer to sign. When the money is ready and you take it, you can use it for anything you need and repay it in monthly payments.

I’m interested in getting a bad credit loan – how do they work?

You can begin taking the first step towards a bad credit loan by sending in your online inquiry form. Do it anytime you have a few moments, because it’s super short. When we get it in our office, we’ll be glad to send it to our extended list of lenders who might be able to help. When your request is accepted, it will be followed by a loan offer. You can sign the loan offer – or not. It’s your choice. If you decide that you want the loan, simply sign the offer so the lender will be able to prepare your funds. You can spend the money on anything you want to.

I already have one bad credit loan, but I’m wondering if I can get another one. Is it possible?

If you want to get another bad credit loan, speak to your lender. If your lender accepts your request for a 2nd loan, you should also check the laws in the state where you reside. Some states have specific rules about this.

Can I refinance my bad credit loan?

It could be possible for you to refinance your loan, but this is something you need to discuss with your lender, to find out if there is a better option for you. If it can be refinanced your lender will provide you with those details.

Which documents will I need when I request a bad credit loan?

To begin with you don’t need anything special. The standard forms of documentation are: • A state issued ID, such as a driver’s license • Proof of your present income • Information regarding your bank account • A valid email address In some cases, more documents might be requested by your lender.

How will I make my loan payments?

Each lender has preferences for sending in your payments each month, but you might have options. The first option is usually to set up an automatic payment system through your bank. This can be helpful, so you never forget to send in your payment! Another option might be to pay in cash at a local store.

What will happen if I miss a loan payment?

If you miss a payment, you will need to pay a late fee. But more importantly, you need to speak to your lender about how to become current with your payments. In other words, find a way to make up the missed payment or negotiate an arrangement with your lender.

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