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About us

You can trust us to help you in every possible way, so that your pockets are not left empty! When we receive your online inquiry form, we’ll immediately send it off to our trusted lenders for their review. As soon as one of them chooses to accept your request, you’ll hear from them. It doesn’t take long, from the time you send us your request until you get a loan offer.

Fast Cash Loans Available

Don’t worry about waiting around for an answer. With our lenders, you will get a fast reply and a loan offer to sign. Let us help you now!

Quick Lending Response

Let us help you find a lender for your monetary needs as quickly as possible. Submit your inquiry form so we can send it out to lenders today.

No Extra Fees

When you work with the team at Silver Loans, you don’t need to worry about extra fees being tagged on at the last minute. In fact, our service is free of charge!

Benefits of online personal loans

Gain Access to Our Lenders

We work with lenders you can trust, and we want to share them with you. When you send us your inquiry form, we’ll go ahead and distribute your request to all the lenders on our list, to give you the best shot at being accepted. You could get a loan offer faster than you anticipated!

Safe, Online Forms

To ensure the confidentiality of your personal information, we encrypt your inquiry form with SSL technology. This is how we can make sure that unwanted eyes do not peer into your file.

Fast and Easy Borrowing Process

We want the borrowing process to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. We know that until you get the money you need, you will feel under a lot of pressure. That’s why we go the extra step to send your request out to multiple lenders at the same time. You can feel confident in our service!

Have any questions left? Get the answers now!

If I am accepted for a bad credit loan, will I be restricted in any way?

When you get your cash, there are no restrictions at all. You can use the money for anything you want.

How do I know if I can be accepted for a bad credit loan?

You can find out quickly when you send your online inquiry form to Silver Loans. We have a customer service team waiting to share your request for a loan with all the lenders on our list! They know you need an answer quickly, so they do their best to review your details as fast as possible. WIthin minutes, you can find out if your loan request was accepted.

What is the method to send in payments on a bad credit loan?

When you sign the final contract and get a payment schedule, your lender can explain the payment options or the lender’s preference. Many times, the lender asks for a direct payment set up through your bank. There are other lenders who want you to get the cash and walk into a storefront with it. Your lender will advise you on this.

How am I to know when the bad credit loan payments are due?

Your lender will prepare a payment schedule for you. According to the schedule, you might be able to set up automatic transfers from your bank, so that they will always be paid on time. This way, there won’t be any chance of forgetting to send in a payment!

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